Friday, August 8, 2008

There is No Justice, No accountability, Why have LAWS at all.

The judge; Michael Lewis felt sorry for the Killer Espinoza, he
doesn't even have to report to probation in person. Just send a letter
each month and tell them what he is doing. He never has to come back
to Bakersfield, CA again, So…is that really Probation ?

1) KILL an Innocent Person.

2) Street Race at over 100 miles an hour [ on a city street ]

3) Driving with his Headlights Turned Off , In the dark .


5) This was the 4th time "killer" Espinoza was caught EXCESSIVE SPEEDING [ That I Know Of ]

There is No Justice, No accountability, Why have LAWS at all.

Probation was recommending two years in prison. The D.A. was asking for four, the family was hoping for all six years in prison for the death of their loved one.

Judge Lewis did feel sorry for Espinoza and imposed what he thought was in Espinoza's best interest, with NO REGARD to the victim or her family and the fact that Espinoza killed an innocent person.

Bottom line, Daniel "Danny"Espinoza KILLED Dorothy Anne Walter.

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street racers kill innocent people said...

Daniel ‘Danny’ Espinoza pled guilty and was convicted of the Killing of Dorothy Anne Walter. This was the 4th time he was caught excessive speeding and driving uninsured. Danny Espinoza could have been sentenced up to six years in prison by Law for the killing of an innocent person, but was only given probation by Judge Michael Lewis. The sentence told the family of Dorothy Anne Walter ONE thing; that to Judge Michael Lewis: Dorothy Anne Walters LIFE had No Value to him, because if it did he would have sent Daniel ‘Danny’ Espinoza to prison for the Killing of an Innocent Person. This could have happened to anyone who had the miss fortune of crossing paths with Danny Espinoza. Why is an Innocent Life worth nothing in the eyes of the court in Kern County?
To answer the question about remorse; there was No remorse from Daniel Espinoza or his family for the death of Dorothy Anne Walter. He and his family have nothing but contempt for the victim and her family (In court documents).