Friday, August 8, 2008

Why have any LAWS at all?

Slap in the faces of the victim's family; the judge Michael Lewis gave the killer five years Probation for the DEATH of Dorothy Anne Walter.

This is another sad day for the victim's family. First, the KILLING of
"Dorothy Anne Walter" by Daniel" Danny" Espinoza. Now there is
NO accountability for the killing of an Innocent Person.The family of the
killer "won," they got their way. The killer, Daniel Espinoza gets to go home to be with his family, while the family of Dorothy Anne Walter get to visit her grave.

Daniel Espinoza; Pled Guilty
So... if you Break the LAW, Street Race at over 100 miles an hour, drive
with your headlights turned OFF in the dark, drive a car WITHOUT INSURANCE, KILL an Innocent Person, then injure yourself in the will Not be held ACCOUNTABLE in Bakersfield, CA.

Why have any LAWS at all?

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