Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beautiful night !

My mom had just left my house, not even a mile away, with her two little dogs, Sammy and Dollie. She had brought my 10 year old daughter home from a weekend sleep over. She called them Nina's princess weekends. She would pamper her all weekend long baking, shopping, staying up late watching movies, just an all around fun time with Mar Nar (grandmother). I had her stay for dinner that Sunday night March 5, 2006. After dinner we started a movie [Walk The Line] we turned it off half way though; we were going to watch the rest of it the next day [ to this day I can't watch that movie].I walked her to her car with the dogs as I always did.

The last thing my mom said to me was:

"Oh Laurie, isn't it a beautiful night tonight?"

Little did we know, that good-bye would be our last.That was the last time in my life, I would see my mom and best friend Alive.

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